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County Selection Process
Youth between the ages of 13-21 can apply to the NYS Governor’s Youth Council; the State and County will work to have a balanced representation on the Youth Council be based on age, gender, ethnicity and other factors that make up the diversity of New York’s youth. The application will be submitted to a county selection committee comprised of individuals that represent, support or provide youth services. Each county will look to advance the top three candidates to the State selection committee for review.

State Selection Process

The original application will be submitted to the State’s selection committee. Applications cannot be changed after the original submission. Judges at the state level will use the scoring framework contained herein. The State selection committee will appoint ONE youth per county to the NYS Governor’s Youth Council. Please note: Youth advancing to the statewide selection process may have their public social media viewed for appropriateness, including but not limited to public settings of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blogs, message boards, chat rooms, social networking sites and others.

Scoring Framework
The two (2) weighted categories below will inform the judging process on the county and state levels. 





Candidate Essay

Candidates must write a short essay response (no more than 500 words) supporting two questions (see page 10 for more detail). The essay will be judged for content, clarity and overall quality.


Overall Application Quality

Judges will use the following criteria to assess each application: clarity, passion and completion of each section.

Candidate’s character will be evaluated through demonstrated qualities such as leadership skills, academic achievement, civic engagement, service to the community, work ethic, roles on youth/county/school advisory board, etc.

Each area in this section will be weighted the same. For example, a youth who may not have “excellent academic achievement” but may excel in civic engagement/leadership skills will be given equal consideration in scoring.