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Example of Topic Areas 

NYS Governor’s Youth Council Topics 2024-25

The NYS Governor’s Youth Council creates opportunities for youth to participate in regional and state level activities to better inform State government on issues and challenges in the following topic areas. In addition to the areas below, youth may select a topic of choice to be submitted for approval.

Focusing on Youth Mental Health

Mental health in an essential part of all youth’s overall health. How can communities, schools, health care providers and youth serving organizations support youth’s mental health needs, similar to their physical health needs? What changes needs to be made and what opportunities can be implemented?

Social Media Impact on Youth

Many studies have demonstrated that overuse of social media for children and youth result in mental health concerns, bullying, and can negatively impact overall well-being. What is needed for youth to use social media responsibly and limit some of the negative effects.

Influence of Positive Role Models & Mentors

Role models can play an important role in a youth’s life as research has stated youth benefit from close relationships with adults who can serve as a positive role model which assists with shaping behaviors. What elements are most important to developing a successful mentoring program? 

Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

The past few years have brought a lot of difficult conversations to the fore front to ensure that there is Justice, Equity, Diversity, Belonging and Inclusion for all. How can we better address these issues from a youth’s perspective?

Gender-based Violence Prevention & Response

We have seen too many situations where race has played a role but what about perceived gender? How can we work to establish a neutral response to violent situations?

Creating Positive Interactions between Youth & Law Enforcement

Ongoing tragedies have widened the gap between law enforcement and the community they serve. How can we narrow this gap to build better relationships for the future?

Youth Voice & Engagement: Creating Opportunities

Youth voice and engagement offers youth in decision-making that affect themselves and others in the community. What opportunities are there for youth to make their voices heard in their community? How can communities engage you to create the services and supports needed for success?

Human Services Workforce: The Next Generation

What policies, reforms and opportunities are interesting for young people to work in the human services field? What are the barriers and supports for youth to be the next generation of human services workers?

Environmental Changes to Our Communities

What social and environmental challenges do our communities face today? What solutions to these complex challenges will assist our communities for a better sustainable and equitable future?

Substance Use Prevention for Youth and Families

With the increasing use of vaping products with youth and the legalization of recreational Cannabis, how can youth raise awareness for substance use prevention for kids of all ages? What is needed to better enhance understanding about substance use prevention and to drive policy changes?